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1. Union Catalog Austria  
. Tatar manual : descriptive grammar and texts with a Tatar-English glossary / Poppe, Nicholas, 1897-1991 [VerfasserIn] / 2003
. The Russian colonization of Kazakhstan 1896 - 1916 / 1997
. Methods and principles of Hungarian ethnomusicology / Erdely, Stephen [VerfasserIn] / 1997
. Nomads and Ottomans in medieval Anatolia / Lindner, Rudi Paul [VerfasserIn] / 1997
. The Uralic and Altaic series : volumes 1 - 150, 1960 - 1990
. The Turkic peoples : selected Russian entries from the Great Soviet encyclopedia ; with an index in English / 1997
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2. Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Denmark  
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. Intermediate Mongolian, a textbook for modern Mongolian / John G. Hangin$$QHangin, John G. / 1997
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3. National Library of France  
1. Türkische Sprachbau (anglais) / The structure of the Turkic languages / Kaare Grønbech ; transl. from the German by John R. Krueger, with minor additions and corrections by the author / Reprod. en fac-sim. / Curzon Press / Grønbech, Kaare
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4. Catalogo del Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale  
1. Bashkir manual : descriptive grammar and texts with a Baskir-English glossary / by Nicholas Poppe
2. Yakut manual / by John R. Krueger
3. Chuvash manual : introduction, grammar, reader and vocabulary / by John R. Krueger
4. Tatar manual : descriptive grammar and texts with a Tatar-English glossary / by Nicholas Poppe
5. Studies in Finno-Ugric linguistics : in honor of Alo Raun / edited by Denis Sinor
6. The phonology of modern standard Turkish / by Robert Lee
7. The Old Estonian folk religion / Ivar Paulson ; translated by Juta Kovamees Kitching and H. Kovamees
8. Kirghiz manual / by Raymond J. Hebert and Nicholas Poppe
9. Essays in comparative altaic linguistics / Denis Sinor
10. Chagatay manual / János Eckmann
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5. SUDOC, French Union Catalog  
1. Introduction to Mongolian history and culture [Texte imprimé] / Moses, Larry William / Transféré à empreinte numérique sur demande / RoutledgeCurzon / Impr. 2006
2. South-siberian oral literature : Turkic texts / Radlov, Vasilij Vasilʹevič (1837-1918) / Reprint / Curzon / 2002
3. Khalkha structure / Street, John C. / Curzon / 1997
4. Index to the secret history of the Mongols / Rachewiltz, Igor de / Curzon / cop. 1997
5. The structure and development of the Finnish language [Texte imprimé] / Hakulinen, Lauri (1899-1985) / Curzon / 1997
6. Consonant quantity and phonological units in Estonian [Texte imprimé] / Lehiste, Ilse (1922-2010) / Curzon / cop. 1997
7. Inner Asia [Texte imprimé] : history, civilization, languages : a syllabus / Sinor, Dénes (1916-2011) / Repinted as a set with a new introduction by Denis Sinor / Curzon / 1997
8. The structure of the Turkic languages [Texte imprimé] / Grønbech, Kaare (1901-1957) / Curzon / cop. 1997
9. A History of Finnish literature [Texte imprimé] / Ahokas, Jaakko Alfred (1923-2007) / Curzon / cop. 1997
10. American studies in Uralic linguistics / Curzon / c1997
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6. Jisc Library Hub Discover (formerly Copac)  
. South-Siberian oral literatureTurkic texts / Radloff, V. V.
. The political role of Mongol Buddhism / Moses, Larry William.
. Tatar manualdescriptive grammar and texts with a Tatar-English glossary / Poppe, N. N. (Nikolaĭ Nikolaevich)
. Buriat grammar / Poppe, N. N. (NikolaÄ­ Nikolaevich)
. The structure and development of the Finnish language / Hakulinen, Lauri.
. Dagur Mongolian grammar, texts, and lexiconbased on the speech of Peter Onon / Martin, Samuel E. (Samuel Elmo)
. Essays in Finno-Ugric and Finnic linguistics / Raun, Alo
. Vana eesti rahvauk. English / Paulson, Ivar
. Buriat reader / Bosson, James E.
. Aspects of Altaic civilization IIproceedings of the XVIII PIAC, Bloomington, June 29-July 5, 1975 / Clark, Larry V.
. Peoples of Central Asia / Krader, Lawrence.
. The Samoyed peoples and languages / Hajdú, Péter
. The Lappish nationcitizens of four countries / Nickul, Karl
. Chuvash manualintroduction, grammar, reader and vocabulary / Krueger, John Richard
. Methods and principles of hungarian ethnomusicology / Erdely, Stephen.
. An eastern Cheremis manualphonology, grammar, texts and glossary / Sebeok, Thomas A. (Thomas Albert)
. Social organization of the Mongol-Turkic pastoral nomadsy Lawrence Krader / Krader, Lawrence.
. Latvian and Finnic linguistic convergences / Zeps, Valdis J.
. A grammar of Orkhon Turkic / Tekin, Talât
. Kirghiz manual / Hebert, Raymond J.
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