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31. Answers for George Thomson, to the petition of Charles Watt, James Gray and William Watson, merchants in Linlithgow; and counter-petition / Thomson, George fl. 1761 / 1761 Digitalisat
32. Two broad-sides against tobacco : the first given by King James of famous memory, his Counterblast to tobacco : the second transcribed out of that learned physician Dr. Everard Maynwaringe, his Treatise of the scurvy : to which is added, serious … Digitalisat
33. The spirit of general history : in a series of lectures, from the eighth, to the eighteenth century; Wherein is Given a View of the Progress of Society, in Manners and Legislation, During that Period. By the Reverend George Thomson / Thomson, George … Digitalisat
34. Aischylos und Athen : Eine Untersuchung der gesellschaftlichen Ursprünge des Dramas / Thomson, George / 1979
35. An essay upon Christ's mediatory kingdom : its nature and extent, the subordination or dependence that the kingdoms of the world have upon it, or their connection with religion: also, some illustration of antichrist's destruction being … Digitalisat
36. Confession : covenants, and secession testimony, vindicated and defended from attempts made to obscure and bury them, by seceders of both denominations. By the Reverend George Thomson, Calton / Thomson, George Reverend Mr / 1799 Digitalisat
37. Epilogismi chymici : observationes nec non remedia hermetica longa in arte hiatrica exercitatione constabilita. Item essentiæ nostræ stomachiæ vires insignes medicæ explicantur, ejusque materia, modus ac methodus præparationis ad Galeno-chymicorum … Digitalisat
38. Tria peirteria ankousta. Sive Experimenta admiranda cum observationibus insolitis medico-chymicis : in quibus materia medica, ejusq; manufactura philosophica ampliùs examinatur, in tribus tractatulis contenta: in loimotomiæ synopsi in gratiam … Digitalisat
39. Misochymias elenchos, or, A check given to the insolent garrulity of Henry Stubbe : in vindication of my Lord Bacon and the author : with an assertion of experimental philosophy : also some practical observations exhibited for the credit of the true … Digitalisat
40. Galeno-pale: or, A chymical trial of the Galenists, that their dross in physick may be discovered : With the grand abuses and disrepute they have brought upon the whole art of physick and chirurgery, in their method touching phlebotomy and … Digitalisat
41. Ortho-methodoz itro-chymik: or the direct method of curing chymically : Wherein is conteined [sic] the original matter, and principal agent of all natural bodies. Also the efficient and material cause of diseases in general. Their therapeutick way … Digitalisat
42. The touchstone, or, Trial of tobacco : whether it be good for all constitutions : with a word of advice against immoderate drinking and smoaking : likewise examples of some that have drunk their lives away, and died suddenly : with King Jame's … Digitalisat
43. Loimologia : A consolatory advice, and some brief observations concerning the present pest. By Geo. Thomson, Dr of physick / Thomson, George 17th cent / 1665 Digitalisat
44. Loimotomia, or, The pest anatomized : in these following particulars, Viz. 1. The material cause of the pest, 2. The efficient cause of the pest, 3. The subject part of the pest, 4. The signs of the pest, 5. An historical account of the dissections … Digitalisat
45. The naturalisation of animals [and] plants in New Zealand / Thomson, George Malcolm / 1922
46. The first Churchill : The life of John, 1st Duke of Marlborough / Thomson, George Malcolm / 1979
47. Sir Francis Drake / Thomson, George Malcolm / 1972
48. Aischylos und Athen : eine Untersuchung der gesellschaftlichen Ursprünge des Dramas / Thomson, George Derwent / 1957
49. Ein Physiker blickt in die Zukunft / Thomson, George Paget / 1956
50. Diffraction des rayons cathodiques / Thomson, George Paget / 1935
51. Conduction of electricity through gases : in 2 volumes; 2: Ionisation by collision and the gaseous discharge / Thomson, Joseph J. / 1969
52. Conduction of electricity through gases : in 2 volumes; 1: General properties of ions, ionisation by heat and light / Thomson, Joseph J. / 1969
53. Frühgeschichte Griechenlands und der Ägäis / Thomson, George Derwent / 1960
54. Die ersten Philosophen / Thomson, George Derwent / 1961
55. Aeschylus and Athens : a study in the social origins of drama / Thomson, George Derwent / 1946
56. Die ersten Philosophen / Thomson, George / 1961
57. The Oresteia of Aeschylus; Vol. 1: Introduction, text, scholia / Aeschylus v525-v456 / 1966
58. The Oresteia of Aeschylus / Aeschylus v525-v456 / 1966
59. Studies in ancient Greek society : the prehistoric aegean / Thomson, George Derwent / 1949
60. Marxism and poetry / Thomson, George Derwent / 1946
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