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1. The law of the sea : a short history of some questions relating to neutral merchant shipping, 1756-1916 / Omond, George William Thomson / 1916
2. The lord advocates of Scotland : second series, 1834-1880 / Omond, George William Thomson / 1914
3. The lord advocates of Scotland : from the close of the fifteenth century to the passing of the Reform Bill / Omond, George William Thomson / 1883
4. Select collection of original Scotish airs for the voice. Vol. 1 / Thomson, George / 1800
5. Confession : covenants, and secession testimony, vindicated and defended from attempts made to obscure and bury them, by seceders of both denominations. By the Reverend George Thomson, Calton / Thomson, George / 1799
6. Christ's universal dominion, or, power over all things; being the substance of several discourses from Psalm ii. 6. Delivered at Dundee, Montrose, and Rathillet, by George Thomson, V.D.M / Thomson, George / 1795
7. An essay upon Christ's mediatory kingdom : its nature and extent, the subordination or dependence that the kingdoms of the world have upon it, or their connection with religion: also, some illustration of antichrist's destruction being near-of the …
8. The spirit of general history : in a series of lectures, from the eighth, to the eighteenth century; Wherein is Given a View of the Progress of Society, in Manners and Legislation, During that Period. By the Reverend George Thomson / Thomson, George …
9. The spirit of general history : in a series of lectures, from the eighth to the eighteenth century; wherein is given a view of the progress of society in manners and legislation during that period. By the Rev. George Thomson / Thomson, George / 1791
10. The example of Christ : the Christian's best Rule to walk by; a sermon, By George Thomson, A. M / Thomson, George / 1788
11. The church's song of triumph, with Christ's remarkable reign upon antichrist's destruction, illustrated : In seven sermons: preached on different occasions, from Rev. xv. 3. xiI. 17. and xix. 6. By the Reverend Mr. George Thompson, late minister of …
12. Answers for George Thomson, to the petition of Charles Watt, James Gray and William Watson, merchants in Linlithgow; and counter-petition / Thomson, George / 1761
13. Syllabus : Pointing out every Part of the human system. Likewise the different Positions of the child in the womb, &c. As they are exactly and accurately shewn in the Anatomical Wax-Figures, of the late Monsieur Denoue. To which is added, A …
14. The anatomy of the human bones : with an account of muscular motion, and the circulation of the blood: also of digestion and nutrition: with A Description of the Four Senses. Illustrated with variety of copper plates. To which is added, A short and …
15. Experimenta admiranda cum observationibus insolitis medico-chymicis / Thomson, George / 1680
16. Ortho-methodoz itro-chymikē: or the direct method of curing chymically : Wherein is conteined [sic] the original matter, and principal agent of all natural bodies. Also the efficient and material cause of diseases in general. Their therapeutick way …
17. Essentiæ nostræ stomach. virium insignium explicatio ejusque materiæ modi, methodi, præparationis fidelis descriptio / Thomson, George / 1673
18. Mr. Stubbe's answer / Thomson, George / 1672
19. Misochymias elenchos / Thomson, George / 1671
20. Pest anatomized / Thomson, George / 1666
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