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1. An investigation of the production of plasmas from liquid droplets / MacEwen, Howard Andrew
2. Geology, structure and metamorphism of th chuacus group, Rio Hondo Quadrangle and Vicinity, Guatemala / Newcomb, Walter Edwin
3. Citrate transport in isolated rat brain mitochondria / Wagner, Kenneth R.
4. Orbit maps of local one-sphere-actions on manifolds of dimension less than five / Fintushel, Ronald Alan
5. Petrology and structural geology of the Sanarate - El Progreso Area, Guatemala / Lawrence, David Parker
6. Symmetric products of cubes / Thomas, David Robert
7. An operator method for lower bounds to eigenvalues / Stadter, James Thomas
8. Low field magnetoresistance of thin amorphous germanium films / Campi, Morris
9. Applications of the equations of motion method / Yeager, Danny Lee
10. Characterizations and properties of some light-open mappings / Robinson, Eric English
11. Construction algorithms for knot spaces which contain incompressible surfaces of arbitrarily high genus / Gustafson, Richard Frank
12. The motion and associated mass transfer characteristics of gas bubbles inviscoelastic liquids / Erdinc, Zana
13. Cyclotron harmonic emission in a penning discharge / Wilgen, John Bernard
14. Nonequilibrium properties fo superconducting-normal metal boundaries / Palmer, David William
15. The luminosity function for galaxies and the clustering of galaxies / Schechter, Paul
16. Experimental and analytical investigation of oscillations in flows over cavities / Sarohia, Virendra
17. Combined forced and free convection in stratified and unstratified flows / Robertson, Grant Earl
18. Optimization of arch and shell structures / Moronval, Marc Jules
19. Suspension mechanics : inertial and non-newtonian migration ofneutrally buoyant rigid spheres in two-dimensional unidirectional flows : the effect of viscoelasticity on the creeping motion of a train of neutrally buoyant newtonian drops throught a …
20. An English-Indonesian dictionary = An Indonesian-English dictionary / Hassan Shadily; John M. Echols [Bearb.] ; [1]: English-Indonesian
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