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1. Electrostatic cooling of metals and non-metals / Han, Chung-Ping
2. jEnzymatic syntheses of globoside and bovine spleen glycosphingolipids / Chien, Jaw-Long C.
3. The purification and characterization of two isoenzyme forms of 3-Hydroxyanthranilic acid oxygenase isolated from bovine kidney and liver / Koontz, William Andrews
4. Management transfer from the physical sciences to cancer research / Sweek, Robert Forman
5. Studies on cross-resistance and collateral sensitivity of sublines of murine leukemia (L1210) resistant to antifolates, purine analogues, pyrimidine analogues, alkylating agents and terephthalanilides / Akhtarzandi, Bijan
6. A method for the identification and quantitation of volatile nitrosamines / Wolfram, James Higgins
7. Normed near algebras and finite dimensional near algebras of continuous functions / Irish, Joel W.
8. Temperature dependence of hyperfine pressure shifts : NA23, K39, and RB85 IN He, Ne, Ar and N2 / Bean, Bruce Leonhard
9. Synthetic approcaches to cyclodepsipeptides : the synthesis of norsurfactin / Ciardelli, Thomas L.
10. Anisoptropic quasiparticle properties in aluminum / Meador, Albert Bush
11. Electrodeposition cells : a theoretical investigation into their performance and deposit growth stability / Seshan, Panchalam K.
12. An approximate analysis of the effect of secondary flows on the motion of particulates in an axial flow gas turbine / Ulke, Asim
13. Phase equilibrium in a polystyrene-polyvinyl chloride-polyolefin solvent system / Sperber, Robert John
14. Low-temperature properties of some intermetallic compounds / Ouyang, George Boh
15. Analysis of natural scenes / Ohlander, Ronald Bert
16. Dynamics of wetting processes / Lopez, Jaime
17. Two dimensional linearized viscous flows / Leonardo, Martin A.
18. Sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes : biochemical and low-angle x-ray diffraction studies / Liu, Shih-Chun
19. Platinum as a lifetime control deep impurity in silicon / Lisiak, Kenneth Peter
20. The kinetics of reactions catalyzed by enzymes bound to membranes / Kozarek, Robert L.
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