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Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)  
1. A theory of strong and weak scintillations with applications to astrophysics / Lee, Lou-Chuang
2. Second sound attenuation in a liquid helium counterflow jet / Laguna, Glenn Alan
3. An experimental investigation on focussing of weak shock waves in air / Kulkarny, Vijay Anand
4. Superconductivity in metal-semiconductor eutectic alloys / Johnson, William Lewis
5. Suspension mechanics : I. Inertial and non-newtonian migration of neutrally buoyant rigid spheres in two-dimensional unidirectional flows : II the effect of viscoelasticity on the creeping motion of a train of neutrally buoyant newtonian drops …
6. 18O/16O and D/Hstudies on the interactions between heated meteroric groundwaters and igneous intrusions : Western San Juan Mountains, Colorado, and the Isle of Skye, Scotland / Forster, Richard W.
7. Characterization of acid-base catalysts and its application to catalyst poisoning / Bakshi, Kiran Ravindra
8. Experimental studies of the noise produced in a supersonic nozzle by upstream acoustic and thermal disturbances / Auerbach, Jerome Martin
9. Class groups of real quadratic number fields / Massell, Paul Barry
10. Hexose transport in Arthrobacter pyridinolis / Sobel, Mark Esar
11. A study of fractional calculus : its definitions and properties / Fowler, Annelle Funderburg
12. A study of the 70,72,74,76Ge(d,p)71,73,75,77GE : reaction using polarized deuterons / Yoh, James Wu-Aho
13. K internal conversion near threshold and some nuclear structure studies in the rare earth region using radioactive decay and reactions / Visvanathan, Ashok
14. The isospin violation in the 12C(6Li,a)14n (2.31 MeV) reaction / Sokol, John P.
15. A non-linear application of the stabilized march technique to a problem of fluid flow / Riehm, Peter Frederick
16. A numerical study of the steady, axisymmetric flow through a disc-type prosthetic heart valve / Underwood, Francis Newton Jr.
17. Colloid chemical properties of chrome hydroxides applied to metal finishing wastes / Thomas, Martin J.
18. Set theory in infinitary languages / Naps, Thomas L.
19. Aspects of bilinear and quadratic forms in char 2 / Hopkins, Dennis Anthony
20. Electrostatic cooling of metals and non-metals / Han, Chung-Ping
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